Producer: Smallholder producers
Cultivar: Caturra, Colombia and Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 – 2100m
Harvest: October – January
Notes: Chocolate, pralinê and clementine

Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil and Vietnam, and the country currently exports around 9 million bags of coffee per year. The municipality of Inza is located in the corner of the Department of Cauca, bordering with Tolima and Huila that looks out to the Pacific Ocean in the west. Situated on the Macizo Colombiano (the Colombian Plateau), this region is the hydric heart of Colombia, and is where important rivers such as the Patía, the Cauca, and the great Magdalena are born. Surrounded by volcanoes, the altitude and microclimates of this region make it ideal for growing high quality coffees. In 2007, the European Union granted Colombian coffee a protected designation of origin status and UNESCO has now declared the ‘Coffee Cultural Landscape’ of Colombia, a World Heritage site.


This coffee is produced by smallholder producers who deliver their ripe red cherries to their local mill for processing. The Pillimue Family are the logistics operator in the region and are a fundamental part of the coffee community who provide a crucial link between more than 250 producers. Last year they led the effort to certify 80 of these growers to become organically-certified; many of whom still continue to practice ancient techniques of sustainable agriculture. This coffee represents one of these first organically-certified lots, and we hope that programmes such as this will help to continue to strengthen the environmental and economic sustainability of the region through coffee production.


Sourced through our friends at Xorxios Specialty, this coffee has a milk-chocolatey base complimented by a caramelised sweetness that lingers long in the finish. We have developed an omni-roast for this coffee to balance out the acidity so that the medium body works in harmony with a delicate hint of citrus fruit. San José is a classic Colombian coffee to be savoured as espresso or for filter!

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