We are dedicated to sourcing and roasting the rich diversity of flavour that coffee has to offer
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Our coffees are freshly roasted
on our premises each week
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We profile and evaluate each batch to ensure that we deliver on quality and consistency
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We roast for a variety of brew methods,
taste or flavour preference
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We are committed to supporting the sustainable growth of the coffee community
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At Olisipo Coffee Roasters, we combine the alchemy of the elements in pursuit of a memorable coffee tasting experience.

More than just a delicious, rejuvenating beverage, we believe that coffee is a connector of people, communities, and a catalyst for positive change.

That’s why we are committed to transparently sourcing green beans through our trusted partners who share the same values of quality, traceability, sustainability and commitment to fairly rewarding coffee producers for their hard work and dedication.

Our labour of love is to roast coffee in small batches to preserve freshness and maximise flavour.

Our ethos is to bring people together through the gift of coffee by creating a welcoming space for knowledge sharing, tastings, exhibitions and cultural events.

Our mission is to share the sensory journey with you.

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