Cerro Cacahuatique, Usulután

Producer: Cooperativa San Carlos
Cultivar: Bourbon
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1100 – 1665m
Harvest: January – April
Notes: Red berries, almond, chocolate


El Salvador is the smallest of the Central American nations, but produces exceptional coffees. This coffee is grown in Cerro Cacahuatique – a high mountainous range to the east of the country overlooking the border of neighbouring Honduras. Since coffee was first cultivated in the XIX century, coffee production in El Salvador has fuelled the Salvadoran economy – rising to a peak in the 1970’s – and continues to play an important role in the economic landscape of the country today.


Cooperativa San Carlos first started to cultivate coffee in 1980 – made possible by agrarian reforms that were implemented by the El Salvadorian Government which redistributed land to smallholder farmers. Consisting of 126 members and their families who live on the farm, the land is split into 25 separate lots. The wet mill and patios for the processing of the coffee are situated at 1400masl, which provides a perfect location since the prevailing southwest winds help to maintain a stable temperature and humidity for the drying of the coffees.

Meanwhile, good soil and water management practices have been implemented on the farm by reducing the use of agrochemicals while promoting the application of organic fertilizers. Head of the micro-lot programme, Carlos Alfredo Estevez, has been instrumental in providing training to the cooperative members in producing experimental micro-lots for the specialty coffee market – and we hope you enjoy this wonderful Lot 15!


Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, this naturally processed Bourbon is an excellent example of the fruitiness and sweetness that this classic variety is renowned for. Roasted lightly for filter, this natural-processed coffee offers up mouth-watering fructose notes of red berries coated with roasted almonds, complemented by a smooth milk-chocolatey finish.

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