Producer: COMEPCAFE Cooperative
Cultivar: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process: Washed
Altitude: 11750 -2100m
Harvest: April – July
Notes: Clementine, milk chocolate, nutty


Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world – though holds the crown for being the largest producer of washed Arabica. Today, following a national programme of plant regeneration, Colombian exports currently stand at around 9 million bags of coffee per year. The coffee producing areas lie among the foothills of the Andes and the Sierra Nevada, where the climate is temperate with adequate rainfall. The hilly terrain and high elevations provide a wide variety of micro-climates, meaning that harvesting can take place throughout the year as coffee from different farms will ripen at varying times..


The COMEPCAFE Cooperative comprises of 1400 small-scale farming families is based in Piendamo, Cauca. Since the coffee-growing members are remote and spread out across a challenging high-altitude terrain, the majority of farming families still struggle with food insecurity. The co-operative helps to support its members with technical support, food security programmes, as well as a pension scheme to help protect producers in the future. However, the areas that these coffees are grown are still heavily influenced by the illicit drug trade, making life very difficult for farmers who face intense economic pressure to produce cocoa – a cash crop that competes directly with coffee.

With the support of the co-operative in processing methods, the coffees cherries are usually pulped on the family-owned farms in traditional mechanical pulping machines before then being dry fermented in tiled tanks overnight for 12-16 hours. After this, the coffees are dried for 7- 10 days in parabolic tents or on drying raised beds, before being sent to the cooperative dry mill to remove the parchment. This coffee contains a mix of three different varieties; Caturra, Colombia and the coffee leaf rust disease resistant variety Castillo, which was developed by Cenicafé after 23 years of research and development – and was released for production in 2005.


Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, this is a classic Colombian coffee that has been omni-roasted to appeal to a wide audience and different brew methods. Supported by a smooth milk chocolatey body, notes of sweet clementine provide a refreshing zest to the cup, followed by a pleasant nuttiness in the finish that reminds us of walnuts. Clean and balanced, this coffee can be enjoyed on espresso or as an easy-drinking filter coffee that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with milk..

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