Nuevo Trujillo

Producer: Marcial Olivera Diaz
Cultivar: Caturra, Castillo & Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Harvest: July – September
Notes: Green apple, papaya, tamarind

The mountainous South American country of Peru is one of the top producers of Arabica coffee in the world. Its thriving coffee sector is well established and continues to support the livelihoods of millions of smallholder producers. The remoteness of the coffee farms and, on average, small size of these farms has allowed for the development of micro-lots that command higher prices in the specialty coffee sector. In addition, the country’s lush highlands and good heirloom varieties offer the potential for growers to overcome the obstacles of limited infrastructure and market access as production and demand increases.

Marcial Olivera Diaz is the owner of four hectares of land in the Nuevo Trujillo village in San Jose de Lourdes, nestled the northern highlands of Peru Nuevo that borders on the Amazonas. During harvest season, Marcial hires seasonal pickers, all of whom live in Nuevo Trujillo, to selectively pick the ripe cherries on his farm. Once picked, the coffee is washed and floated to remove any defects before being de-pulped and fermented for 24 hours. Marcial then dries the clean parchment coffee under shade in a wooden drier built as an extension of his house.
Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, Cajamarca holds considerable potential for the production of high-quality coffee due to the ideal growing conditions and cultivation of classic varieties. Falcon works directly with producers and pay a fair price for their coffee, and help to facilitate agronomic training to increase of quality. This approach to sourcing allows for long-term relationships to be built directly with farmers who can increase their household income through transparent access to quality premiums above the market price.

We love the complexity of this coffee and have developed a roast profile to preserve the clean, malic acidity of this coffee that reminds us biting into a crisp green apple. It is exceptionally balanced in the cup and has some interesting tropical notes that are reminiscent of papaya and tamarind in a delicate, smooth finish.

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