Mahiga AB


Mahiga, Nyeri County – Kenya

Producer: Smallholder producers
Variety: SL28 & 34
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700 – 1900m
Harvest: March – July
Notes: Campari orange, pomegranate, juicy


Kenya enjoys a worldwide reputation for producing coffees of exceptional quality. Situated on the southwest flank of Mount Kenya, the second tallest peak in Africa, Nyeri is one of six counties that extend from the centre of the volcano. Benefitting from high elevations and mineral-rich soils, the coffee grows along the forested lower edge of the central national park. Nyeri county is one of the most well-known areas of coffee production in the country and continues to produce distinctive coffees that are sought after worldwide for their intense and complex cup profile each year.


Sourced through our partners at Falcon Specialty, this coffee is bought directly from a cooperative system of production comprising of 400 growers who selectively harvest and deliver the coffee cherries to the Mahiga local processing centre. The factory’s total cherry intake hovers around 130,000kgs. The coffee cherries are washed at the processing facility before being sorted into a traditional ‘AB’ grade – meaning that the coffee seeds are screened against a 16/14 bean size.


This is the first Kenyan coffee that we have had the privilege to roast and we’ve fallen in love with its delicate body and sparkling acidity. Due to the high density of the coffee seeds, Mahiga AB requires lots of energy in the roast and we have developed ‘high temperature, short time’ roast profile to preserve the vibrancy and juiciness that is so characteristic of this coffee. Expect mouth-watering notes of Campari orange and a pleasing fruitiness that reminds us of seasonal pomegranate with a hint of pineapple!

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