Producer: José Luis, Carlos e Eduardo Navarro
Cultivar: Caturra
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1400 – 1500m
Harvest: December – January
Notes: Chocolate hazelnut wafer, fruit jam

ORIGIN Minas Gerais is a large state in Southeast Brazil that covers an area greater than the size of France, and is famous for being the main coffee producer in the country. Fazenda Córrego das Pedras is located near the municipalities of Carmo da Cachoeira and Três Pontas and lies 275km from the state capital Belo Horizonte. The temperate climate with average temperatures varying between 19 and 25 degrees favours the growth of coffee in the area, which is the the main economic provider of the region.   PRODUCER Julia Figueiredo is the fourth generation of coffee growers at Córrego das Pedras. Initially, she studied psychology but in 2015, after spending time at the family 270 ha farm, she reconnected with the land and found her calling for coffee. Julia now works alongside her godfather Lúcio as they seek to drive the quality of the their coffee production forward with each successive harvest. In total, the farm is planted with 170 ha of coffee and this specific lot comes from the Yellow Catuai varietal that has shown to give a sweet and balanced cup. The farm mainly uses mechanical collection for the coffees cherries and after harvest, the coffees are machine sorted by density and ripeness to achieve the correct grade of quality before being sun dried on patio beds.   ROAST Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, this lot is great example of a classic crowd-pleasing Brazilian coffee that is easy-going and accessible. We love the mellow sweetness of this coffee that is a characteristic of the Yellow Catuaí variety. Roasted slowly and gently for espresso, we have stretch out the roast to develop the body and deeper flavour notes that remind us of biting into a delicious chocolate chip cookie. The coffee also has a very pleasant almond nuttiness that lingers long in an enduring finish.
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