Fazenda Salto

Producer: Fábio Araujo
Cultivar: Icatu
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1230m
Harvest: May – September
Notes: Dark chocolate, toffee and raisin

Coffee production in Brazil is responsible for more than one third of all coffee cultivated worldwide, mainly in the south-eastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná. Here, the environment and climate provide ideal growing conditions for a number of coffee varieties. Although yields vary year-to-year the country produces a staggering amount; approximately 50-60 million bags annually, and more than five million people are directly employed in the cultivation, harvesting or processing of coffee.

Fazenda Salto has been in the Reis family for four decades and the 800-hectare farm is now run by Fabio and two sons, André and Juca. In their efforts to produce high quality coffee, Fabio is committed to excellence by investing in modern technology and new agronomic practices. For example, they have installed new static drying boxes as well as building a stable of raised beds to produce high quality lots. This natural lot was mechanically harvested and separated by density and ripeness before being dried on patios and turned regularly. Once the coffee reaches the target of 11 % moisture content, the coffee is rested in wooden silos for 10 days before being milled and bagged ready for export.

Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, we are delighted to offer this exceptionally smooth-tasting coffee that has a rich and coating mouthfeel with a long-lasting dark chocolate aftertaste. Roasted gently for both espresso and filter, we love this coffee for its luxurious toffee-like body and raisin sweetness that tastes great on its own or paired with milk.

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