Bandeira Branca

Producer: Thiago Dutra
Cultivar: Yellow Catuaí
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1250m
Harvest: January – February
Notes: Chocolate cookie, red fruits


Coffee production in Brazil is responsible for more than one third of all coffee cultivated worldwide, mainly in the south-eastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná. Here, the environment and climate provide ideal growing conditions for a number of coffee varieties. Although yields vary year-to-year the country produces a staggering amount; approximately 50-60 million bags annually, and more than five million people are directly employed in the cultivation, harvesting or processing of coffee.



Minas Gerais is defined by a rugged topography, where some of the highest peaks in the country are located. Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Ilicínea, Bandeira Branca is a family-run farm that has tilled the nutrient-rich soils for generations ever since Thiago Dutra’s great grandparents arrived from France and Portugal in the 1830s. Coffee production is now deeply rooted in the family’s heritage and a range of varieties such as Yellow and Red Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon and Topázio are now cultivated across 20,000 hectares of lush land between an altitude of 900 – 1500m.
In 2016, the family established Raíz Specialty Coffee with the aim of reaching new markets around the world through a direct trade approach. Their commitment is to supply the highest quality coffees that they produce, whilst promoting smaller local producers in the region – thereby adding value to the entire coffee production supply chain. This coffee was naturally processed by Agrofonte Alta, who sun-dried the red cherries on patio beds before preparing the coffee ready for export.



We are delighted to have discovered this delicious direct trade coffee through our friends at Raíz Specialty Coffee. Bandeira Branca is a wonderful example of a ‘classic’ Brazilian-cup profile that offers up smooth notes of chocolate, sweet caramel and red forest fruits. We have roasted this coffee with a long and gentle to accentuate the velvety body and will preserving the fruity notes that pair wonderfully with a long, biscuity aftertaste. Perfect for espresso and a wide range of filter brewing methods. 

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