Producer: Jacinto Domingo Carlos
Cultivar: Caturra and Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1720 – 1760m
Harvest: November – January
Notes: Chocolatey, hazelnut and stewed apple

The production of coffee has been a mainstay of Guatemala’s economy for over a hundred years. Today, more than 125,000 coffee producers help to grow Guatemala’s coffee production and coffee still remains one of Guatemala’s principal export products, accounting for 40% of all agricultural export revenue. The country’s coffee growing regions enjoys high altitudes, good rainfall all-year-round in regions that benefit from mineral-rich soils.

Huehuetenango (often called ‘Huehue’) is located in the west of Guatemala and is still hard to reach by road due to its rugged landscape and high elevations. But the altitude of this region, combined with the hot dry winds that blow over from Mexico’s Tehuantepec Plain, create excellent conditions for quality coffee. Nestled between the villages of Concepción Huista and Canalaj, the coffee farm, Yulmon, means ‘near Monjon’ (a nearby town in the department of Jalapa) in the local indigenous Mayan language Popti.


Jacinto Domingo Marcos is a first-generation coffee producer who grew up in the town of Concepción Huista in Huehuetenango region. During the harvest, Jacinto makes sure that only the ripest cherries are picked which means no less than three picking passes on the farm. The cherries are transported by horse, de-pulped on the same day, and fermented in plastic tubs in water for 48 hours. After fermentation, the beans are washed and eventually dried on a patio in the sun for six days.

Jacinto produces on average 1400 kg of parchment coffee each year and is dedicated to continually improving his agronomic processes on his eight-hectare farm. “We started our small family farm 15 years ago”, he says. “To be able to buy the land, I emigrated to the United States to earn money. My wife was in charge of the important management of the land and has a great experience since she grew up in a coffee producing family”, Jacinto adds.


Sourced through our friends at Primavera Coffee, we selected this wonderfully clean Guatemalan lot for its full body, pleasant malic acidity and delightful notes that remind us of sweet, stewed apple and roasted almond. We have a developed a roast profile so that it can be enjoyed equally as a balanced espresso or can be enjoyed as a filter brew.

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