Producer: Regional Lot
Cultivar: Castillo, Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1400-2000m
Harvest: October – January
Notes: Red grapefruit, cacau, full body
Roast: Omni-roast, suitable for all brewing methods

Colombia is one of the world’s top producers of Arabica coffee, and is renowned for its high quality coffee. The country has nurtured its coffee industry over the years and the spirit of innovation is strong; new coffee varieties and processing innovations have come from Colombia as well as classic, balanced lots beloved by coffee drinkers. Most of the country’s coffee is grown by small producers scattered in its many coffee growing regions. These coffee growers in rural Colombia have seen decades of low-intensity political conflict between paramilitary groups, guerrilla groups, and the government, though a peace deal approved in 2016 made great strides in the peace and reconciliation process.
In the charming towns of San Juan de la China, Anzoátegui, and Santa Isabel live the 50 producers that have contributed to this lot of coffee. The Tolima department borders Huila and Cundinamarca and is located in west-central Colombia. In past centuries, indigenous cultures thrived here, and a small indigenous population remains here today. Tolima is renowned for its music and distinctive cuisine as well as its excellent coffee. Breathtaking mountains provide the high altitudes needed to produce outstanding coffee.
Sourced through our friends at Primevera Specialty, we love this coffee for its juicy tartaric acidity and rich cocoa nib body. We have opted for a long, gentle omni-roast profile which means that the intensity of acidity is brought into balance for espresso extraction as well as filter or full emersion brew methods. This coffee pairs perfectly with milk or simply delicious on its own!

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