Finca Gaia

Producer: Bernard Ornilla
Cultivar: Yellow and Red Catuaí
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1650m
Harvest: December – January
Notes: Honeydew melon, butter biscuits, amaretto
Roast: Omni-roast, suitable for all brewing methods
Certification: Organic

Honduras has steadily invested in its coffee industry to become the largest coffee producer in Central America, and the industry now plays a vital role the national economy. It is currently the seventh largest coffee producing country worldwide. The country has optimum conditions to produce excellent coffees due to its high elevations, fertile volcanic soils, an ideal climate for coffee cultivation and plenty of agronomic expertise.
The prominence of quality competitions and high-profile auctions such as the Cup of Excellence has inspired larger and wealthier producers to plant new varieties, experiment with processing, and make improvements to their farm practices and infrastructure. Increased research and agronomic training by IHCAFE, a non-profit institute to help promote the economic and social sustainability of Honduran coffee producers, has also contributed to heightened awareness of the specialty-coffee market among Honduran producers.
Bernard Ornilla has been a producer of organically certified coffee since 2012, prioritising quality over quantity with varieties such as red and yellow Catuaí or Bourbon. The altitude of the farm and its proximity to the biodiversity of the Celaque National Park allow for the optimum conditions for growing coffee with unique flavours.
The seasonal pickers on Finca Gaia are key partners in this stage of the process, since they are instructed and financially encouraged to select only the ripe red cherries. Once the coffee is collected on the farm, it is placed in the solar dryer for three days, it is constantly moved to dehydrate it and avoid the presence of fungus or fermentation. The final traditional sun-drying process that will last for about 20 more days, until reaching 12% humidity.
Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, we love this coffee for its notes of cantaloupe melon and buttery mouthfeel with an amaretto-like aftertaste. Due to the large bean size and high moisture content, we have opted for a long roast profile with a lower drop temperature to preserve the complexity that this coffee has to offer. This coffee works perfectly across a range of brew methods and can be enjoyed at any time of day!

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