Fazenda Pinhal

Producer: Gabarra Teixeira
Cultivar: Arara, Catigua e Catuaí
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1200m
Harvest: October – January
Notes: Chocolate, roasted almond, smooth
Roast: Omni-roast, suitable for all brewing methods

Coffee production in Brazil is responsible for more than one third of all coffee cultivated worldwide,
mainly in the south-eastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná. Here, the environment
and climate provide ideal growing conditions for a number of coffee varieties. Although yields vary
year-to-year the country produces a staggering amount; approximately 50-60 million bags annually,
and more than five million people are directly employed in the cultivation, harvesting or processing
of coffee. Located in the large state of Minas Gerais, in Southeast Brazil, Fazenda Pinhal spans more than 900-hectares and is situated close to San António De Amparo in Sul De Minas.

The farm is run by the Gabarra Teixeira family who dedicate only a third to coffee production with the rest of the land being preserved for natural reserve which encompasses a bird sanctuary and eucalyptus forest.
In 2019, the farm won the award for Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farm after they installed solar panels which now supplies 100% of their energy usage from renewables.

They have also established a bird sanctuary to help rehabilitate and care for injured birds while developing coordinated research programs with local universities. Employee welfare is also very important to the family who are dedicated to providing a safe and sustainable working environment for their team with the introduction of health care plans and other benefits. This naturally processed blend of Arara, Catigua & Catuái varieties is mechanically harvested before being sorted and rested on patios for 7-10 days with regular turning, until the optimum moisture content is reached.

Sourced through our friends at Falcon Specialty, we love this coffee for its smooth chocolatey body and toasted almond sweetness. Due to the low density of the beans, we have opted for a long, gentle omni-roast profile to slowly unlock its flavour potential – while preserving a round balanced acidity that pairs perfectly with milk or enjoyed on its own.

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