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El Mandarino


Country: Honduras

Region: Gualme, Corquín Copán

Producer: Jesus Lemus Leon

Varietal: IHCAFE 90

Process: Natural (72 hour maceration)

Altitude: 1450m

Harvest: January – April

Certification: Organic

Notes: Tropical fruits, rum raisin, tamarind

Description: We’ve been searching for an Organically-certified naturally processed coffee that combines both complexity of flavour but offers a clean cup profile. And this coffee fits the bill perfectly! Roasted gently for filter to allow for full flavour development and caramelisation of the natural sugars, we love the clarity of flavour and lively acidity that this coffee brings to the tasting experience. This coffee bursts with notes of tropical fruits followed by a rum raisin sweetness and a long tamarind molasses finish.

Origin: No one knows for sure exactly when coffee first reached Honduras, but it is believed that the first seeds arrived from Costa Rica in the late 1700s. Today, Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America, and the industry plays an important role within the national economy. The huge scale of its annual coffee production and great potential for both growth and quality development is testament to the ideal conditions for high quality coffee to flourish; high altitude, volcanic and fertile soils, an ideal temperate climate and plenty of producer expertise. Much of the country’s output feeds the commodity coffee markets but steps taken to improve quality by the country’s national coffee institute Instituto Hondureno del Café (IHCAFE) is now bearing fruit as Honduras regains its reputation for producing coffees of exceptional character.

Producer: Jesus Lemus Leon is the owner of the farm El Mandarino, which is situated at 1450masl in the Gualme area of Corquin, Copan. The farm is planted with Catuai, Obata and Lempira cultivars with a total of four hectares dedicated to coffee production protected underneath the natural native-forest. Gualme is an area known for its ideal growing conditions that yield a wonderfully clean cup quality profile bursting with vibrant flavours. Once the ripe red cherries are harvested, Jesus dries his coffee in the centralised mill shared with other producers in the area. Ever since the current commodity market price crisis, Jesus has turned his attention to producing high quality micro-lots where 90% of his production now reaches specialty markets overseas for a sustainable price. This coffee shows great complexity, combining the natural acidity and sweetness from the prolonged ripening at his farm, while the fruitiness and complexity is aided by immaculate processing at the mill. This is IHCAFE 90 variety is naturally macerated for 72 hours before being dried on raised beds.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 45 × 160 × 230 cm
Brew method