The seeds of Olisipo were sown after master roaster, Antony Watson, embarked on a research trip by bike to the birthplace of arabica coffee. His experience brought him into contact with coffee growing communities with whom he lived with, and worked alongside, in the sub-tropical shade forests of western Ethiopia. They opened his eyes – and taste buds – to its infinite flavour potential and role that coffee can play in generating positive social change.

After meeting his partner-in-crime and co-founder, Sofia Gonçalves, they were lured from London to Lisbon by the favourable climate, friendly people, delicious food, and growing specialty coffee community in Portugal. Together, they established Olisipo in 2017 and have been busy refurbishing a space to accommodate their dream of opening a specialty coffee roastery and brew bar in the heart of the community. They recently opened their doors to the coffee-loving public, and are passionate about bringing people together through the gift of coffee.