Our mission is to combine the alchemy of the elements with cutting-edge technology to consistently craft a memorable experience in the cup

More than just a drink, we believe that coffee is a connector of communities and a catalyst for positive change. And what better way than bring people together through coffee? That’s why we are committed to sourcing beans that are traceable back to origin; and we will always stand in solidarity with producers by paying a fair price for a quality product.

Our labour of love is to roast coffee in small batches to preserve freshness and maximise flavour. We want you to share the sensory journey with us.


Olisipo is a coffee roastery and brew bar is nestled in the heart of the community in Ajuda, Lisbon. Our ethos is to bring people together through coffee by creating a home for tastings, exhibitions and cultural events. If you are interested in collaborating with us – or simply want to enjoy a tasty coffee – please get in touch or visit us.

We would love to hear from you!